I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Menno to anybody looking to improve their company profile. I worked with Menno for a number of years in a previous role I had where Menno was instrumental in bringing the company’s presence to the fore not only online through the website he designed and the Facebook and Twitter accounts . But was also responsible for designing and publishing monthly special offer magazines not to mention the yearly product catalogue. I for one would not have been able to perform in my role if it was not for the help I received from Menno

Plassey Food
Stephen O'Connell
Purchasing Manager

“Hiring Menno was always a no-brainer, he delivered quality for reasonable cost, within planning at all times. Menno proved to be a hard working, accurate, creative and knowledgeable partner who carried out numerous lead generation projects for us, without the need of being briefed – he always understood instantly what was important to us. We can highly recommend him and his company as your consultant.”

Paul Kleijne Director

“Menno was a true professional in every aspect. His work has gained us new Customers and leads. Involvement with Menno has brought us to new heights. Great Results, Expert, On Time”

RTR Electronics Ltd
Pat O'Meara Managing Director

“……. Menno managed to develop from scratch in a few months a users base of over 5,000 CFOs and Treasurers. The strategy he implemented was very effective, maximising the resources at his disposal, while keeping costs under control.

His deep understanding of marketing techniques allowed him to effectively manage PR agents, advertising agencies and web designers, thereby maximising the impact of marketing campaigns. I would highly recommend Menno for his professional and human qualities.”

Global CFO Ltd
Etienne Deshormes CEO

“During the time I’ve worked with Menno I was always impressed with his professional approach, focus and dedication to each project or a challenge he was presented with. He is a highly experienced marketing expert, well-versed in all aspects of marketing and has a great eye for detail both at the strategic and tactical level.

It was a pleasure working with Menno. I definitely recommend you to get connected.”

Gordon Skaljak Head of Marketing

” …… Menno brought the creativity, expertise and guidance ……….. His impact made a difference and I will continue to work with him ……….. Great Results, Good Value, Creative”

Accuplex Diagnostics Ltd
Kieran Walshe Managing Director

“Menno’s attention to detail is remarkable. He delivers amazing and well thought out insights into projects and is constantly pushing the envelope. Menno is a gentleman and is a highly trustworthy individual. I would have no issues with recommending Menno to any business.”

Splash Media Ltd
Stephen O'Sulivan Managing Director

“Menno is a hard-working, hands-on marketing and sales specialist who delivers every time. A proactive, creative and well-informed marketeer who is not shy of speaking his mind. I have worked with Menno for almost 20 years, as a colleague, business partner and now as client and I can highly recommend Menno as a dedicated professional and urge everybody to get connected.”

Input Support
Frank Put Managing Director

“Menno is a very creative and reliable guy. We first hired his services in summer 2013. It took a while for results to show, we are now reaping the rewards for his top class service!”

Allbrite Electrical & Mechanical Ltd.
A. Duffy Managing Director

“What businesses need to survive & thrive more is someone like Menno Roos who I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Without expectation he willingly and generously shared a wealth of good, honest, expert advice”.

“As can so often be the case, people may & do tell you what you want to hear in order to get the business. I found quite the contrary with Menno. He informed me of what I needed to hear and had some highly useful tips on the strategy of my business. I do not make this recommendation lightly – I make it wholeheartedly. This is a man people should do business with”.

Eli Tracey