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Whether you travel abroad on business personally or have a team of staff regularly working overseas, our dedicated taxation experts will manage your VAT tax reclaim to ensure your refund payments are processed quickly and efficiently.

No Refund, No Fee!

GB Business does not charge any set-up or administration fee to become a client. Our fees are charged on a contingency basis and payable only when we have recovered your VAT claim from the relevant VAT authority.

VAT can be reclaimed on the following:

* Refund options apply depending on rules and regulations of local Tax Authorities.

Conferences, Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

Reclaim your VAT/Tax if you are exhibiting or visiting trade fairs and conferences in Europe

Meals & Accommodation

Reclaim your VAT/Tax on all Hotel accommodation and business lunches/dinners

Advertising & Promotional Costs

Reclaim your VAT/Tax on all advertising and promotional cost you spent in Europe relating to your business exhibition or trade fair


Reclaim your VAT/Tax on training courses, materials and facilities

Car Hire & Fuel

Reclaim your VAT/Tax on business car hire as well as petrol/diesel

We work on a
No Refund, No Fee

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