Privacy Policy

By entering your contact details in the registration form on this website, you agree to that GB Business VAT Ireland Limited (“GB Business”), in its capacity of controller of personal data, may use the personal data provided (“Personal Data”) for the purpose contacting the person.


GB Business is committed to protecting Personal Data under the national data protection legislation. GB Business as data controller has appropriate physical, electronic and managerial protection measures in place to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your Personal Data. You agree to the transfer of your personal data to other companies within the GB Business Group.


Anybody is entitled to access their Personal Data to verify its accuracy and completeness as well as to evaluate the purposes for which the information is being used and to whom the Personal Data has been disclosed. Anybody is entitled to demand correction or deletion of their Personal Data or withdraw their consent to the processing of their Personal Data for marketing purposes at any time free of charge.


Personal Data may also, subject to approval, be processed by GB Business and other companies/business units related to GB Business as well as other companies appointed by GB Business for the purpose of marketing products and services from carefully selected business partners by means of ordinary mail, e-mail, sms, and mms as long as GB Business deems appropriate or until the withdrawal of consent. A list of such companies, who have the right to process your Personal Data for marketing purposes, will, on your request, be made available by the above mentioned GB Business Service Centre.


Cookie Policy

Granting us permission to use cookies

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