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September 2015
Kosovo raises VAT to 18%
Israel VAT rate cut to 17% proposal
Austria reduced VAT rate increase 2016

August 2015
Greece reduced VAT updates
Romania confirms VAT rate cut to 20% 2016

July 2015
EU VAT initiatives
Poland cuts VAT from 23% to 22% January 2016

May 2015
EU considers imposing VAT on crowdfunding

April 2015
Greece to propose flat 18% VAT rate

January 2014
Netherlands – Late filing of VAT or late payment of VAT now classified as criminal offence

Romania – VAT refunds to EU and non-EU companies
Croatia – VAT rate change January 2014
Cyprus – VAT rate increase January 2014
France – VAT rate changes

October 2013
Italy – increased VAT rate from 21 to 22% on October 1st, 2013
Denmark – non-eu companies can no longer register for Danish VAT 

France – changes VAT rates in January 2014

May 2013
Croatia will join EU on July 1st, 2013

April 2013
Luxembourg – VAT increase in 2014 budget

January 2013
Finland VAT rates increase 2013
Iceland VAT rate changes 2013
Cyprus VAT rate changes 2013
Czech Republic VAT increase effective from January 1st, 2013

November 2012
Italy – VAT rise planned in July 2013
France – VAT rise to 20% in 2014

UK – New VAT registration requirements for overseas businesses

October 2012 
Spain retail sales decimated by VAT hike
EU Taxation: Questions and Answers on reduced VAT rates
EU requests Germany to change VAT refund rules for non-EU operators
VAT rate The Netherlands increased to 21%

August 2012
France – VAT changes

July 2012
Spain increases VAT rates on 01/09/2012
VAT Rates in the Member States of the EU June 2012
Latvia reduces VAT rate by 1% on 1st July 2012
Spain’s VAT rate and the current debt crisis

Deadline VAT Reclaim on 2011 expenses – 30 June 2012
Finland increase VAT rates January 2013

May 2012
Czech Republic increase VAT rate in 2013
The Netherlands increase VAT rate in Autumn 2012
Spain increase VAT rate in 2013
Ireland: temporary 9% VAT rate will be retained until end 2013
EU Press Release 15 May 2012: “The Future of VAT” – update

April 2012
KPMG 2012 Benchmark Survey on VAT/GST

March 2012
UK Budget 2012: Summary VAT and indirect tax

January 2012
Summary VAT rate changes
Taxation: Developing the One Stop Shop for cross border VAT compliance

December 2011
China VAT pilot scheme
EU VAT rate changes
EC outlines action plan to build a modern VAT system

September 2011
EU VAT rate news
VAT & Invoices

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