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International VAT can be difficult to understand, painstaking and costly as regulations vary from country to country. Numerous companies still struggle with VAT compliance and find it difficult to manage all international facets correctly.

Non-compliance will result in fines and penalties and it is therefore vital that businesses manage their international VAT obligations timely and correctly. GB Business offers an international VAT consultancy service to support companies in dealing with international VAT related questions and compliance issues.

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EU VAT regulations and compliance

GB Business is able to assist you with all your VAT questions and issues relating to EU countries. We aim to assist our clients to ensure they can manage all the implications of doing business across borders.

The VAT experts specialise in EU VAT regulations and compliance and work within our international VAT network. In this way we can offer our clients the best possible advice and expertise that is required and expected.

GB Business assists companies with:

  • Maximising EU VAT reclaim
  • The complexities of international VAT
  • Solving issues and questions relating to indirect taxation

Bespoke Solutions Covering VAT Issues in the EU

No two companies are alike so our expert advice is offered to each client individually. We believe that a tailored solution ensures the best possible service.

Every question or issue will be dealt with by a dedicated VAT service team that understands the rules and regulations of the specific EU country but is also briefed on the specific background details of your business. This way GB Business is able to provide a suitable, bespoke solution to international VAT issues and questions.

Integrated Service Provision: Consulting and Compliance

We can assist you with new VAT registrations, cross-border VAT transactions, reporting issues, or any specific VAT related questions you may have. We combine our international VAT consultancy service to assist companies who are looking at ensuring compliance, additional cost-savings and business efficiencies.

VAT regulations are complex and a challenge for many companies. Our expertise and advice will help our clients to resolve, anticipate and prevent any VAT issues or questions, helping to manage and minimise VAT risks.

Key Benefits

  1. Bespoke solution
  2. Immediate cost savings and ROI – ensuring compliance, and therefore avoiding penalties
  3. Practical approach geared to maximising VAT savings
  4. Transparency of VAT risk areas and advise on best practice
  5. Advisers driving the best result for your business
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