Reclaiming VAT – How It Works

globe-handReclaiming VAT on business expenses in just 3 steps:

Fill in the form and a VAT expert will contact you to inform you about:

  • a Letter of Authority, which allows the VAT experts to act on your behalf
  • a step-by-step guide to VAT reclaim, which will guide you through the process of reclaiming your business VAT

Reclaiming VAT step 1

Collect your original invoices, containing foreign VAT, and forward these together with your original certificate of taxable status** and a completed Letter of Authority to the VAT experts (for EU companies a certificate of status is a non-requirement).

** Certificate of Taxable Status
“The Certificate of Taxable Status” is proof that the company is registered for VAT (or equivalent) in its own country. This must be obtained from your local Tax Authority. This certificate is NOT required for EU companies.

Reclaiming VAT step 2

The VAT experts will analyse your claim, process it and submit it to the relevant VAT authorities on your behalf.

Reclaiming VAT step 3

After accepting your claim the VAT Authorities will refund the agreed amount and you will receive this reclaim, net of our fees as agreed, into your bank account.

Fill in the form and start reclaiming VAT today!

Fill in the form today and you will be contacted by an agent to discuss your Business VAT reclaim.

Want to know more?

CONTACT our advisers and find out more about reclaiming your VAT/tax.

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