Business Expense Processing

subwaySecure and transparent outsourced service

GB Business can significantly decrease the time it takes to do your business expense processing. A secure and transparent outsourced service that simplifies your expense processing, removes a lot of unnecessary paper trails and speeds up the process and also making it less open to inaccuracies and errors.

The GB Business solution makes expense processing easier for the claimant and the approver.

GB Business expense processing services:

  • Receipt Handling
  • Scanning Of Paper
  • Back Office Storage
  • Expense Report Payment
  • System Administration
  • End User Support

Receipt Handling
We make sure that receipts are properly imaged and matched to the correct expense report and enables staff to just mail their hard copy receipts without having to organise or scan all paperwork.

Scanning of Paper

Secure conversion of hard copy documents into electronic formats, delivered to quickly and safely. Clients can send all business receipts and invoices to GB Business. We will scan all paperwork and make this available to be loaded onto any expense management system in order to organise them into business expense reports.

Back Office Storage
GB Business provides clients with a secure back office storage facility to safeguard and archive all documents. But rest assured, ease and speed of access to documents is guaranteed as and when required.

Expense Report Payment
GB Business can handle your payment process like reimbursing employees and paying your corporate charge card vendors. Our clients can outsource expense report reimbursements to end users, available in any currency to any financial institution that accepts ACH payments. The process includes extensive controls and safety features that will ensure integrity, completeness, confidentiality and accuracy.

System Administration
Complete outsourcing of your system administration will enable our clients to focus on higher value tasks. GB Business is able to act as your system administrator and performs all necessary administrative functions and tasks according to your customised schedule.

End User Support
Users have access to an expert by email and/or phone to discuss issues and/or concerns related to the creation of the expense reports and/or the approval process.

Want to know more about business expense processing?

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