Business Expense Auditing

airportStaying in control of your company’s travel expenses

GB Business outsourced services can take care of these vital tasks that business expense management systems are not able to handle in order to stay in control of your company’s business travel expenses. These tasks are auditing paper expense receipts to assure policy compliance, expense claim accuracy, combat fraud as well as the fact that all receipts should be reviewed to maximise VAT recovery.

Completeness and accuracy

GB Business outstanding business expense auditing service checks expense reports for completeness and accuracy. It will reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Our independent auditors will audit paper expense receipts for expense claim inaccuracies as well as travel policy compliance. Besides this they will analyse the same receipts to maximise VAT recovery. GB Business VAT will guarantee an excellent turnaround time to decrease the time in the expense report cycle.

GB Business expense auditing services:

  • Receipt Match
  • Verification: Date, Amount, Type of Expenditure
  • Confirmation Reasonable Expense
  • VAT Compliance and VAT Reclaim
  • Fraud Issues

Want to know more?

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